Betti – Hungary

The English Professional is an excellent solution for me to keep up and develop my English language level. My schedule is strict, that’s why it’s really important for me to have the flexible time schedule via Skype. The topics of our conversation are tailor-made and personalized and Annette corrects my mistakes immediately in writing. It’s really useful for me. I love the…

Ivan – Colombia

My online classes are very productive and, in each class, we use different methodologies. Annette is very flexible and adapts to my needs. She is helping me to improve my English level due to the fact that I have a lot challenges in my current job in which I interact with people from several countries, so English is a priority…

Ernie – Taiwan

Annette’s classes were so amazing and fantastic that now I can apply that Business English knowledge to the actual workplace to have performance!! Faithfully, I appreciate Annette’s passionate effort to give those lucky students, like me, such a meaningful and unforgettable sweet memory!! TWO THUMBS WAY UP!!

Juliana – Brazil

It’s fantastic to have the opportunity to improve my English, from Brazil, without leaving my house, with an American teacher who lives in the United States. The classes help me a lot in my job and I really enjoy them with Annette and the attention she has with my questions. I really recommend it.

Corinne – Ivory Coast

Annette taught me everything I need to know about Business English and how to write a resume and a cover letter. She has this particularity to make you want to learn English. I improved my English and my vocabulary a lot. I learned all the tools necessary to apply for a job and how to handle an interview in a…

Kimiko, Japan

I got a new position and my dream of working globally thanks to Annette. She gave me perfect advice to face a job interview. Since Annette’s classes, I’ve been working for the job I wish. Furthermore, thanks to taking Annette’s classes continuously, I can communicate with many foreign colleagues and my world expands more and more.

Guilherme – Brazil

I attended an Intensive English Course for two years, but only after I started my classes with Annette I improved my English skills. Her classes are dynamic, relaxed and fun. We can talk about any subject besides the exercises. Her natural way helped me to be confident to participate in meetings, calls, and to talk to other people with no…