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Thanks to cutting-edge technologies, you don’t have to travel far to develop your English skills. Take your classes at work, at home, or on the beach! As long as you have wi-fi, you’re ready to go.
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TEP provides non-native speakers with the necessary tools and practice to effectively communicate in English and succeed in the ever-changing global market.
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Annette PonTell

Realizing the great demand for English in the global workplace, Annette launched The English Professional (TEP). Annette has a BA in French and is certified in TESOL and copy-editing. Through her travels, time spent living in France and Brazil, and many years of teaching, she has a deep understanding of global diversity and challenges faced by English language learners. She is passionate about helping students and professionals achieve their English communication goals.


The English Professional is an excellent solution for me to keep up and develop my English language level. My schedule is strict, that’s why it’s really important for me to have the flexible time schedule via Skype. The topics of our conversation are tailor-made and personalized and Annette corrects my mistakes immediately in writing. It’s really useful for me. I love the English classes with her, because she is a brilliant person and teaches with a sense of humor!

Betti – Hungary

My online classes are very productive and, in each class, we use different methodologies. Annette is very flexible and adapts to my needs. She is helping me to improve my English level due to the fact that I have a lot challenges in my current job in which I interact with people from several countries, so English is a priority for me. Virtual classes have been an incredible experience because I don’t spend time commuting to different places and it is an advantage to learn from a native teacher who identifies my needs and corrects my mistakes in a timely manner. I can speak with more confidence every day.

Ivan – Colombia

Annette’s classes were so amazing and fantastic that now I can apply that Business English knowledge to the actual workplace to have performance!! Faithfully, I appreciate Annette’s passionate effort to give those lucky students, like me, such a meaningful and unforgettable sweet memory!! TWO THUMBS WAY UP!!

Ernie – Taiwan