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Improve my conversational skills for the business environment

Having a conversation in a second or third language can be very challenging. Native speakers use many slang/popular expressions that are hard to understand. We can help you feel more comfortable talking with native speakers. We will have informal conversations and learn common expressions used in conversational, business English.

Increase my vocabulary

A greater knowledge of workplace vocabulary and expressions will help you feel more confident in speaking and writing. We will help you build your business vocabulary. Whatever your career field, we will use material that will help you reach your goals.

Improve my writing

English is the Internet’s universal language. It’s also the most common language used in business and other correspondence. In addition to letters and emails, many people write their resumes in English. We can help you improve your writing skills! We offer editing services as well as online writing coaching.

Increase my TOEIC score

Job markets throughout the world are becoming increasingly more competitive. Many employers require potential employees to have a high score on the Test of English for International Communication. We have had many years of experience preparing students for the TOEIC and we would like to help you! We will determine ways you can increase your score and more effectively prepare for the test. We will be sure you have the skills and vocabulary that you need.

Enhance my on-the-job English communication performance

While international employees are typically very gifted in their fields, they often need added practice to communicate more effectively. An employee may need accent reduction to improve presentation skills, vocabulary development to better articulate ideas, writing practice to communicate more clearly, or cultural awareness to better understand American business practices. Whatever the concern, we will develop a personalized program and provide the necessary instruction and support.

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